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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a FAQ page exists

The reason we have created this frequently asked questions page is mostly to answer all of your questions directly. We have gotten a lot of different questions over the years, almost all directly related to the topics which are described below. We will try to answer your questions as good as possible, to help you generate as much free PSN money as you like! We will guide you towards topics that you might find interesting and will educate you about the PlayStation Store. See how all this knowledge translates in your questions! If you still have questions after this article, read the last part.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Our PSN gift card real?

Yes, all of our sponsored PSN gift cards are real! The generator is only there to prevent theft, and to distribute the PSN codes equally. Otherwise, everyone would just try to take all of the codes. We would prefer to just post a very large PSN code list every day, but this would result in people stealing all the codes.

Do you make the gift cards yourself?

No, we get the cards directly from our sponsors. They provide the gift cards, in exchange for a service. This can be a free app install, survey or something else. This step is necessary to unlock your free code. Your last 4 digits will unlock after completion, making your free PSN code claimable.

Where can I use my gift cards for?

You can use your free PSN code to claim all kinds of services in the PlayStation Store. These services will allow you to play online, stream your game on a different device, buy your games, listen to music and watch movies.

How can you get this card, how do I do this?

The path to get the gift card is actually not that difficult. Just go to the generator, and click on the amount you want to be placed on your card. Then just watch as the generator automatically creates your code, and watch it appear in front of your eyes. Only the last digits will be locked until you complete the partner page. This step is described in the question above, and in various other articles!

Do I need to download software?

No, not any software is required to complete the creating process. Just follow the steps on-screen to get to the required partner page, and eventually your free PSN code.

Why did you start this project?

The reason why we started this project is quite simple. We got our hands on the biggest PlayStation hack, which consisted of a free unused PSN code list from 2017. This list was provided by our current partners, who offer these gift cards for free.

How many can I get?

You can literally get as many PSN codes as you desire. The generator does not have any cooldown time and allows you to get every code. The only thing that might slow you down, is the security. The generator is protected from bots, so every code must be gotten by hand. This process approximately takes 5-10 minutes

What amounts do you offer?

We offer gift cards in the amounts $10, $20 and $50. Choose which one you want by clicking on it, and select it.

How do you redeem the PSN Codes

The PSN codes can be redeemed in the PlayStation Store. Just go to my account > payment details > enter gift card code. If you ‘ve obtained your code at, it will be unused. More information is given below

How old do you need to be to generate your own code?

It doesn’t matter! You can be as old as you want, as generating your free PSN code is not bound by any legal requirements. As we do not ask for ID or age verification, and you do not need to enter any payment details, you can do whatever you like.

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How does the generator work?

The exact way the generator works is the best-kept secret in the PSN code market! This also explains why we cannot tell you precisely how the mechanism works. We can tell you that the codes are chosen from the best-unused PSN codes list of 2017  and that the generator protects them from hacking attacks.

Why do we have the generator?

We installed the generator to limit the gift card generation by bots on our website. This way, we can realize a 100% human userbase without bots.


What does the generator do?

The generator decrypts your personal free PSN code so that you can enter it in the PlayStation Store. It locks the last for digits until you have proven that you are a real person. A bot cant complete the tasks we give it, and a person can! You are guaranteed a safe environment.

Steps to use the generator

The exact steps to the PSN code generator are described in the corresponding articles, but we will explain them in short. First of all, choose the amount in US dollars that you would like to upload to your PSN wallet. Furthermore, this helps the generator decrypt the right code. Everything is decrypted if you follow the last step on the screen, which leads you to the partner page. Now you can enjoy your games, apps, and music the way it’s supposed to be!

Where can I get more information?

If you would like to read more in-depth information like this, follow the link to the blog page and check out some more articles. The articles are structured below so you can find all the relevant information quickly. Choose a topic to see all the related articles and where to find them.

About different consoles & release dates

Either go to the blog page and find out which articles are about different consoles, their specifications, and release dates or choose one from the list below. For information about the PS3, games and the best PSN voucher codes to use them, read: PlayStation Voucher Codes For The Best Games. For a complete guide about the PlayStation 5, read the corresponding article. If you have new interesting topics that you would like to know more about, leave them in the comment section!

PlayStation store features

There are multiple different articles about the PlayStation Store, including all the services provided. For a total description of the PlayStation store, read Pros and Cons of the PlayStation Store. This article describes everything good and bad about the PlayStation Store, and what features you can use. These have also been made into separate topics such as Definitive Guide To PlayStation Now. Do you want to know everything about PSN Codes for PlayStation Plus? All the things you can do with it, and how you can get it for free will be explained.



Free PlayStation gift cards

Because our company is built around free PSN codes, it’s only logical that you will find articles about this, like Free PSN Codes For Everyone. All of these articles either describe various ways of implementing ways to generate your own money or getting it from our website.

New Games & Sale

The PSN Code Generator is perfect for spending your credit on games, which we also explain in PSN Card For Free Games. You can use the credit to charge your wallet in the PlayStation Store, and buy games with that money.

How to redeem your codes?

The redeeming process is a little bit harder because you have to use the PlayStation Store. In every piece we write, we try to incorporate the perfect solution for your problem. As you can see in Secret Tips to get Free PSN & Redeem Your Codes, the process of getting through the PlayStation Store consist of certain steps. If you follow those, your success is guaranteed!

Music in the PlayStation store

Spotify offers the opportunity to integrate your own music library into your gaming atmosphere! This means that you can listen to your own music while gaming. To us, that sounded like the dream. This is also why we found a site that gives away free Spotify credit! Check it out, and partner it with your PlayStation Account for a more in-depth experience.

Movies in the PlayStation Store

You can also watch movies in the PlayStation Store! With the Netflix app, you are able to stream thousands of tv-shows and movies to your living room. However, you will need an account. We have also found a new website that integrates this and offers a Netflix account for free! See if this is something for you, and tell us about it!