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New PlayStation 5 Prices, Release & Free Game Card Codes

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New PlayStation 5 Release Date

Obviously, the world was thrilled after the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, but the early release of this console could also mean the early release of the PS5. Right now, the release date is set in 2019/2020, but we think that this not true. The Sony stocks rose up in the last few weeks, with the release of the PlayStation Pro. To keep this momentum, we believe that Sony will ultimately release the PlayStation 5 in the end of 2018, in a year and a half. With virtually no developments at the Xbox Camp, and other gaming consoles not being in the running we believe that PS will enforce their position on the market.

PlayStation 5 Pricing

PlayStation pricing plans have always been unpredictable. After the ps3 was totally overpriced, Sony lowered the price for the Ps4. We believe the new PlayStation 5 pricing will be around the same budget, seen these statistics. If you think the new PlayStation is too expensive, you can always just stick with your old console! When the new PlayStation comes out, all the other consoles will lower their prices. This way, you can get a brand new console for a fraction of the price!

Free Psn Card Codes For PlayStation 5

When you have decided to spend quite a few dollars on the new gaming console by Sony, you will need something to save you money! That’s where we come in. Games for PlayStation are always expensive, and especially if you buy them when the console just came out. You can use a generator to create your own personal codes! With these free card codes for psn you can buy all these games, no charge! We’ll explain how it works. Go to the generator, and complete a social action to unlock the content. Then, the generator will unlock the code. Complete a partner offer and see the code appear for your eyes only!

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