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PlayStation 5 Release Date

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What is PlayStation?

PlayStation is a gaming console by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which came out about 23 years ago in Japan. Originally, it was just a gaming console.  However, now it’s more like a network. The PlayStation Network is an online service with more than a 110 million users worldwide. They are all connected through a social web, and bound by the best games in the world! The first PlayStation was the first console ever to ship 100 million products since its launch. Since then, gamers worldwide are connected through a network of games, interactions, and apps. Do you want to know why you won’t have to pay for these apps? Read on for more.

Speculations About The New Console

Let’s talk about the future now! The speculations about what’s coming are quite insane, and unbelievable. Are you ready? Here we go! First of all, The PlayStation 5 release won’t take too long. A very well-known market analyst places the release date for the new PlayStation somewhere next year, in 2018. It is predicted that it will release in the second half of 2018, precisely 5 years after the PS4. Sony is always planning these dates very meticulously. Furthermore, the market research company was right with their prediction of the release dates of the PlayStation 4 Slim & PlayStation Pro. There is still no word on if the new PlayStation is just going to be a reboot of the PS4 pro or if it's  going to be a brand new console? We don’t know, but we know that no matter what the console is going to be, it’s going to cost money. That’s when we come in! Read on to find out more.

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