Definitive Guide To PlayStation Now

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What is PS Now?

PlayStation Now is a service, provided by PlayStation to enable you to play your favorite games on different platforms.

Ps Now is a service provided by PlayStation Network, focused on streaming. As for now, the service only works between PS4 and a PC but more devices will most likely be added. This comes in particularly handy when you want to play your game on the go, or if your device just broke down! Never lose any progress, and play whenever you want, how you like it!  What it is and how you can use it will all be explained in this article. So let’s start with the most important question of them all: What is PlayStation now? Well, it’s easy. Let’s say you want to play a game on your PC, but you have it installed on your PlayStation. This is where PS Now comes in! You can use the application to stream your game to your pc, or a different platform. This way, you could even play games on your PlayStation account while you are traveling, or when you are somewhere where your PlayStation is not. PlayStation now also gives you access to more than 400 games, ready for you to play! As PlayStation Now is a streaming service, you will most likely be depending on the speed of your internet connection. This means that playing in trains will be quite difficult, as your internet speed might be too slow. You will need minimum speeds of 5 MB/s to play comfortably. As it is now, the streaming service is only available in Holland, 

How Does PlayStation Now Work?

The way this service works is super simple, and actually very logical. Instead of buying single games for approximately $60 per game (which at the end is super expensive) PlayStation allows you to make a deal. You pay a fixed fee every month to get access to all the games you want, which is cheap if you play a lot of different games at the same time. Furthermore, if you are a pro gamer who ends a game in a day, you can play through 30 games a month for only $17! Sounds good, no?

PS Now Price

Although you can get a free 7-day trial, you will eventually have to enter some payment details in your account. A normal subscription cost around $17 a month, but you might be able to get a 3-month subscription for less money. This sounds expensive, but don’t forget that this grants you access to over 400 games that you can play indefinitely, for free!

Which Devices Are Compatible With PlayStation Now?

At this time PlayStation Now is only compatible with PlayStation 4 and a PC. Other devices might be added in time, but that’s it for now. One of the requirements for streaming is that you have an account that is set up for payments! Otherwise, the service will not work.


To play, you need a wireless connection between 5 and 12 MB/s, a PlayStation 4, a wireless controller and payment method on your PlayStation Account. The installation process is really easy! Click on the PS Now App and subscribe yourself to the service. You will get a 7-day trial for free, and after that, you’ll pay a fixed price of $16.99. Select the game you would like to play, and test your internet connection. Once you are up front of the waitlist you will be able to play.


The same way Ps Now works on your PlayStation, a stable internet connection is also required. If you don’t want to have any connectivity issues, go for a low ping. This will help you to keep your connection, as you will have to stay on the waitlist when you are disconnected. Be sure that your wireless dualshock controller can be plugged into your usb-port, and and that you have windows 10 installed on your laptop. Close all open programs before playing! This will help your frame rate. Download the PS Now application to your device, as well as all the required drivers. Then, install your payment method.

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How To Get PlayStation Now

The only thing you need to get your Ps Now to work is a stable internet connection above 5 MB/s, a  compatible wireless controller, a pc that matches your system requirements, a charging cable for your controller, and a master Sony Entertainment Network account. The Ps Now Service is currently not available for Mac, unfortunately. The way it works is quite simple so that you don’t have to worry about going through a difficult install process. Your game will be streamed from a separate server, where you will be in the queue until it is your turn to play. First of all, you will need to download the PlayStation Now application for pc. Follow all the on-screen instructions and start the application. Now you will have to sign in using your personal account information and connect your wireless controller. Once you have an active account you will be cleared and put on a waiting list for the game you want to play.

How To Cancel PlayStation Now

Let’s say you left your account open, and your little brother paid for a PS Now Subscription with your cash! This is not an ideal situation, and you want to know if you can even get your money back. Well, provided no downloads were started, you can request a full refund within 14 days. A better option might be to install some parental controls, but that’s up to you. For a streaming service, however, you can use the 14 day period to play, and then cancel your subscription and ask for a refund. This way, you can also play for free! We have no personal experience on how many times you can do this on one account, but you can create new accounts and repeat the trick.

Limitations To PlayStation Now

With all great features come limitations, and this sadly also is true for PlayStation Now. There are a few things in the application which are not really compatible, and where you should take notice of. For example, You can’t be logged into 2 PlayStation games at the same time, or stream two games at the same time. So, for example, if I sit and play on my laptop in the living room, my friend will not be able to compete with me or even play another game, as the account is ‘busy’. This would have been revolutionary, and would’ve made coop play a lot more fun! Same goes for watching Netflix on your ps3, and someone else playing a game on your ps4. Also, you can’t use ‘share play’  while you yourself are streaming a PS Now game. This service is used by broadcasters and would be perfect if it was integrated. So these are a few limitations to PlayStation now, and some things you should take into account when you want to purchase this feature.

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