How to Create a New PSN Account

Why do you need a new PSN account?

 The new Psn Account will allow you to profit from free trials, like a PlayStation Now or PlayStation Plus subscription. Both of these services are gaining more and more popularity. First of all, you can get your subscription, cancel it, make a new account and get the same trial again. Hypothetically speaking, you could do this forever. But first you need to now how to make a account. 

Step By Step Guide to create a New PSN Account

So, now that you know everything about the relevancy of creating a new PlayStation network account, it’s time to dive right into it! Here you will find all the steps necessary to set up your new PlayStation account for you to use. If you like this guide, please make sure to share and like our social media profiles!

Filling out Account Information

  • Sign in ID: enter a valid email address, for the PSN to join you if necessary. You can use your own personal e-mail address, create a new one or use a temporary e-mail client like 10-minute email. The most important thing here is, that you can confirm the verification email.
  • Date of Birth: Fill in your date of birth. I suggest you always choose an age above 21 so that you know for sure that you will not get age restricted! This way, you can play every game you want.
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Country/Region: Fill out the country and state details. For example, if you know that a game only is available in Germany you will need to fill in ‘germany’ and a corresponding province
  • Password: create an 8-digit password. We suggest that you generate it automatically instead of inventing one. This way, being hacked will be difficult.

Agree to the Privacy Agreement and click on: ‘I Agree, Create My Account’

Verifying Your PlayStation Account

When you are at this stage, the only thing left to do is to verify your PlayStation Network Account. You can do this by clicking the ‘verify now’ button in the e-mail, and clicking continue! Congratulations, your account has been created. If you did not receive any mail you can resend the link as many times as you want. Even to a different e-mail address! If it works, you will get this message: ‘’Thank you! You have successfully verified your email address’’

account security for free playstation account

Update Account

Before you can access the PlayStation Store, of course, you should update your account information. This includes picking a screen name, payment details, location, identity and notification preferences. This is all pretty self-explanatory, but we will guide you through it!

  • Screen name: pick a unique screen name between 3-13 characters which includes letters and numbers. A lot of the ID’s are already taken, so be creative!
  • Identity: Fill out your personal details. They can be made up, or you can use your own!
  • Security question: Add a personal question that only you know the answer to, to recover your password
  • Adress: Fill out your address details. Again, these can also be made up.
  • Billing Information: Fill out the payment details that you would like to use. You can enter all kinds of debit and credit cards, but those will be connected to your personal bank accounts.