Call of Duty WW2: All You Need To Know

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"Call of Duty: WWII tells the story of heroism on a global scale, through the unbreakable brotherhood of common men fighting to preserve freedom in a world on the brink of tyranny. Players enlist in a gritty, intense campaign through the harrowing battlegrounds of war, facing overwhelming odds and hostile terrain across Europe, in a gripping experience that honors the history of World War II," - Activision.

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Exclusive Releases Late 2017: Call of Duty WW2 

Call of Duty WW2 is the future of gaming! Have you enjoyed Call of Duty: Black Ops as much as we did? We thought that the developers could not top this masterpiece, but we were wrong. Last week, the official trailer for Call of Duty: World War Two came out, and blew everyone’s mind. With this new essential, Sledgehammer has redefined a new gaming generation. Do you want to know why? Read on for more information about this game! In this article, we will explain what the game is, tell you some details of the campaign, explain the various new multiplayer functions and, of course, talk about Zombies! Don’t miss anything and check out the rest below.

What Is Call Of Duty WW2?

Call of Duty: WW2 is a shooter-based game set in the second world war, with gaming locations featuring France, Belgium, and Germany. The game is branded as the definitive world war two game and is Sledgehammer’s answer to Battlefield1. The game features beautiful visuals of Europe and especially France, Belgium, and Germany. The gameplay is set in the year 1944-1945, with flashbacks to 1940-1944 for extra clarification of the historic events and to provide background information of the characters. This is one feature that adds a lot of spice to the gameplay, as it tells a lot of background information and makes the story detailed and accurate.

Campaign Exclusives For COD WW2

The Campaign or Story Mode of Call of Duty: WW2 tells the tale of the 1st American infantry division fighting their way through Europe. You play most of the campaign as Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels, an American infantry soldier who fights for his life. He is relatively inexperienced and will gain XP the longer you play with his character. There are also other personas available to explore, such as a woman in the French resistance. Later this year, Sledgehammer will release the rest and other unconfirmed characters on the E3 gaming convention, where the official release of the multiplayer beta is also set to happen! Featured missions are The D-day Landing in Normandy and The Battle Of The Bulge & The Liberation Of Paris. There are more missions to be confirmed later this year, so keep an eye out for updates in our campaign as we track it's progress this year.

New Multiplayer Features & Co-Op Play

The global multiplayer reveal is scheduled during the E3, the biggest gaming exposition of the year. Traditionally, this exposition is held in America and attracts thousands and thousands of enthusiasts. The global multiplayer reveal will shed some light on the darkness that surrounds it and will clarify the specifications. The global beta will also be launched for multiplayer during this convention, so pre-order your game if you would like to try this with easy pre-season access. This version of Call Of Duty also comes with a bunch of new features, which will be explained below.


  • Headquarters: A social tool for better multiplayer interaction. You can kind of compare it to ‘the Tower’ spot in Destiny, a place where players can relax, interact with each other and show off their gear. Supports up to 48 people, which also raises the question how big the central multiplayer games will be! More information on this subject on the E3 later this year.
  • Divisions: This game mode changes the way you go into battle! The original create-a-class menu will most probably be replaced with this game mode, which resembles the way soldiers used to sign up for war. The division will help you choose your class, role and overall gear. Again, confirmation is needed.
  • War Mode: A new game mode where you participate in all-out war! the boots-on-the-ground mentality that COD WW2 created is best noticed in this game mode, as it literally is blood and sand. The game consists of a team-based skirmish, where you need to complete objectives for victory. the authentical weapons, oldschool run-and-gun and historical correctness make this game one of a kind!
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Of course, a zombie game mode is paramount for a good call of duty game. This year, the Germans create an army of fallen Nazi soldiers, which they then, in turn, use to fight a losing battle against the allies. You can see why this will backfire, but again: almost no information available on this subject. check our blog page regularly for updates and comment below if you have a question!