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Your free PSN codes are ready for you to generate! Never pay again for the best games and applications. With our PSN code generator, you can create your own code and redeem it straight away!  Usually, this process is done in under 5 minutes. Follow these simple steps to claim your code:

  1. Click ‘get free PSN code’
  2. Choose the value you want
  3. Generate the code and redeem it in the PlayStation Store.

Choose Your Gift Card

You can choose between 3 different types of free PSN codes on this website, displayed below. Choose the card you want, and complete the steps on the screen. You will be generating your card within 5 minutes! It's quick, easy and virus free! This is the ultimate hack for PlayStation Network.  Our wide choice of PSN cards features $10, $20 and $50 so that you can play online with all your friends and download games & apps from the PlayStation Store!




PSN Code Generator

Our trusted PSN code generator has been creating free PSN codes for over 5 years now, and has never failed anyone! The generation service operates by creating codes that have been provided by our sponsors. We, in turn, deliver the codes to you! All codes are free for you to use, after the completion of an offer. It’s safe to use, and also really quick! Your code will unlock after completion of all the steps on-screen so that you can buy all of your favorite games in the PlayStation Store. Just click on the on top of the page and start with the easiest way to get free games online. With our system, we ensure to have happy users and happy partners. Join us and never pay for games again!

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Your gift card code will be generated within minutes. There are three simple tasks to complete to get free PSN money. Good luck!

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Always Available

We constantly update our generator so everybody has the opportunity to get free PSN codes. Get to the generator and secure your code.

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We deliver the safest generator to get free PSN vouchers. The Gift cards are saved to use and all cards are provided by our sponsors.

How Is It Possible To Giveaway Free PSN Cards?

We can give away free PSN cards because we feel like everyone should be enjoying the happy feeling of not having to pay. Our sponsors provide us with free gift card codes, and we redistribute them to you! The only thing they ask in return is that you give your opinion about a brand, product or app. And the best part is that you will get paid for it in free PSN codes! Most of the offers are surveys or app installs, which you can complete within a minute. Good luck generating your free PSN codes!

Are The PSN Gift Cards Legit?

This actually is maybe the most asked question we receive every day! We can tell you that they are, and we will make it our mission to help everyone on the internet. We want to help all the people looking for free PSN codes on the internet. We can do this by providing our audience with sponsored gift cards, which we can give away for free. Moreover, we can guarantee that the generator will create a unique code for you, even if you already completed the generator once! If you have more questions, read our FAQ section.

How To Redeem Your Free PSN Codes

Now that you have your free codes, you will have to redeem them. This will ultimately charge your free card to your personal PlayStation Account so that you can use your credit. If you do not redeem the gift card, it is quite useless. That’s why we’ve provided you with a step by step guide for you.  Just follow the steps below to redeem your free PSN codes. It’s very important that you generate your code first, and then, in turn, redeem it.

  1. Log in to the PlayStation Store, and go to My Account
  2. Select ‘Redeem Codes’ and enter your personal code
  3. Click ‘Continue’ and watch your account balance being upgraded.

With these 3 easy steps, you will be swimming in the free PSN money before you know it!

Gift Card Code Generator safety policy

We always try to ensure a safe gift card code generator which provides a unique code every time. This code must be frozen till you succeed the last step where we provide you the free gift card code. With our system, we can ensure happy users and partners. We always improve our service and our generator.


We get a lot of questions every day, so we've selected the most frequently asked ones right here. Have a look if your question is asked here! If not, write a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Read more detailed information about all of these questions and more on the FAQ Page


Our company, has always been focused on making people happy. We figured out the best way to do that, is to give them free money! Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like a gift? Everyone does, right? We have an enormous database with more than 256.350 codes, out of which we generate your free PSN money. These codes are expensive, and not everyone has the funds. This is why we decided to open this platform. If you have any questions about anything, just leave us a comment and we will get right back to you!

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There are a lot of features which you can use in the PlayStation Store, including a music streaming service! Spotify now has an official application for your favorite console, which you can use to your advantage. Just synchronize your accounts and enjoy your own music while you are gaming! You can even control the Spotify app from your phone so that you will never have to leave you online gaming screen. This is particularly convenient if you and your friends are playing online! Someone else just logs in to Spotify and plays the next song.  Music and gaming were never such a good combination! Do you want to know more about this subject? Have a look at our blog page.